Our members support the operations of the Foundation and its efforts to build the philanthropic assets of our community. Thank you for your investment in the Community Foundation.

Rebecca Alexander
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bash
Lottie Bash
Henry Blake
Mr. & Mrs. Scott O Brame
Mr. and Mrs. David Britt
Gregory S. Burke
Capital One Bank
Edwin J. and Jacqueline S. Caplan
David and Norrine Caplan
Mr. Larry Cordaro
Michael and Noelle Crowell
Chuck and Fritzi Fine
Bill and Michele Fontenot
Leonard and Mary Alice Fontenot
Babson and Tish Fresh
Randy and Jenifer Gilchrist
Dr. and Mrs. David Holcombe
Henley and Kathey Hunter
R.D. Jackson, III
R. Bruce Jordan
Coan and Sheri Knight
Philip and Nelda Laborde
Jay Lemoine
Betty Fay and Joseph Lipsey
Dr. and Mrs. Cedric Lowery
Ben Luke
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Madden
Kathryn U Meric
Dr. and Mrs. Maury Morrison
Gregory and Jennylee Nesbitt
Emile Oestriecher
Mr. and Mrs. Greg O'Quin
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Owens
Kermit W. Pharris, Jr.
Mr. Teddy R Price
Rob and Claire Ratcliff
Robert and Elizabeth Ratcliff
Robert and Melissa Savage
Ron and Wanda Schenk
Jay H. Sheffield and James S. Sheffield
John and Louise Simon
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Soprano
Willie Spears
P.D. Stewart
Glenda Stock Smith and Henry Smith
James G. and Caroline Theus
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Villemez
Walker Automotive
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weems, III
Mr. and Mrs. James Weinzettle
Michael and Donna Young
Thomas Armstrong
Dr. James A. White, III
Dr. Alfred Mansour
Jon and Sid McDaniel
John McClure
Lisa and Stephen Norman
Betty Gaiennie
Dr. Rick Brewer
Jacalyn Duncan
Cooper Gift Group
Mr. and Mrs. Foster Walker, III
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Denley
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Rubin
Dr. and Mrs. Willis Trammell
Patrick and Randalle Moore
Spengler-Stewart Agency, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Mann Younes
William Wallace
Mr. Marion Chaney

Our Founding Members

Coughlin-Saunders Foundation
Mrs. Frances B. Davis
Dr. Paul M Davis, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Jenkins
Mr. & Mrs. Oday Lavergne
Mr. & Mrs. Norman K. Martin
The Rapides Foundation
Mrs. Bertie Deming Smith
Mr. Joe D. Smith, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Zeb Winstead

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